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Space Quest 1-6 Easter Eggs & FunFacts!

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Space Quest 1-6 Easter Eggs & FunFacts!

Postby Robin » Mon Oct 03, 2005 9:05 am

--------------------------NOTE: PLEASE READ---------------------------

All these funfacts, spoofs & easter eggs are taken from Space Quest.Net. They are used with permission from the owner of SQN. Please take you time to visite the website: www.spacequest.net Images won't be displayed on this page, if you whish to see them visite SQN.


Scott and Mark first met eachother during work on "the Black Cauldron" game. The two got together and decided to do a game of their own, in their favorite genre - science fiction. The Two Guys were determined and in their spare time programmed what later became the first four rooms the Sarien Encounter. Ken loved the demo and gave them green light to proceed. Mark did the graphics, key puzzles and the basic storyline while Scott programmed and provided the sardonic humor and dialog. The rest, is history.

Mark Crowe: "The idea of having alter designer egos did not occur until late in development. We were winding down and had to start thinking about things like credits. I thought it would be a hoot to be these two alien dudes and have our picture on the back of the box. It just went with the whole wacky space thing. I think the point back then was to make fun of the other designers of the day who had this rock star mentality and had to have thier mugs all over the product. Scott concurred and I picked up these funky red mohawk bald head things for us to wear. We did not have time to throw together space costumes so Scott came up with the idea to wear touristy hawaiian shirts and go have our picture taken in Yosemite like we were on vacation. The "Two guys" thing we borrowed from a east coast pizza chain "Two Guys from Italy". I thought "Yeah! Scott and me--we're just two guys makin' software!" Thus, the Two Guys were born."

Jerry - one of Roger's former crew matesKick one of your dead crew mates in Space Quest 1 EGA and you'll lose one point! But who would do such a thing?

Type "holy ****" when playing with the slot machine. Beating the machine will be an easy one! This works only in game version 2.2.

The title theme song is composed by Mark Crowe.

The Apple IIgs version of Space Quest 1 replaced the purple sky of Kerona with a dull looking orange. Please click here for a screenshot.

When you sell the land skimmer upon your arrival in Ulence Flats you can only "look skimmer" in versions 1.1a and 2.2, getting one of two messages ("You watch as the skimmer is driven away by it's new owner." OR "The skimmer is attempting to leave. Get out of the way, you geek!"). In version 1.0x you can't look at the skimmer or it's owner as it flies away.

There's a weird bug that can occur when loading your navigational droid into the cruiser. If you stand in front of the ladder and enter (warm up your typing skills) "climb ladder" and then "press button" really quickly (the idea is to hit enter on "press button" before Roger is finished climbing the ladder), the droid will not load straight up into the ship but at a diagonal - up and to the left. Is this the prescence of an earlier, different loading animation intended for a different type ship? This bug is only present in game versions 1.0x and 1.1a and NOT in version 2.2. Additionally, in any version of Space Quest I EGA you can keep the droid loading continually by hitting F3 and enter over and over again -- in the case of this bug, the droid dances diagonally across the screen.

Okay, here's a weird one. A telephone number Sierra used back in 1988 was (209) 683-6858. The last four numbers are "6858" is the code used to disable the Star Generator.

The song played by ZZ Top is called "Sharp Dressed Man" from their 1983 album "Eliminator". The Blues Brothers are playing "Can't Turn You Loose", which is included on the soundtrack "Blues Brothers 2000".

When starting Space Quest 1, you are asked to enter your name. If you don't enter a name your name will automatically be "Roger Wilco". Many people think this name was introduced in Space Quest 3, but as you can see here, that's not true.

The first version of Space Quest 1 EGA was released in 1986 and the game kept coming out in newer versions until the end of 1987. There are a few pretty interesting differences between the oldest and newest version which are listed below. One of the version numbers out there are: 1.0X, 1.1A, 2.2 and possibly many others.

- Version 1.0X didn't use the menu version 2.2 used (which you bring up with the escape button). Instead, pressing escape will bring up the PAUZE feature. Speed control is much much better in version 2.2. If you run "fast mode" in 1.0X the game is almost unplayable. This is because later versions included the latest AGI interpreters engine available.

- After entering a new screen, your character will stop. In version 2.2 he'll continue walking.

- Some changes were made concerning the parser. The most notable difference is that you can "insert cartridge in slot" in the underground settlement of the Keronians to read about Slash Vohaul. This is actually the ONLY command which works with versions 1.0X. Later versions also allowed the command: "put card in slot". While inserting something into a slot makes a lot of sense, I think many non-native speakers got stuck there. Imagine you can't use the command TAKE or GRAB but only GET. Can get quite a challenge that way.

Ken Williams - 16 colour style- In version 1.0X you could type "Ken" (referring to Ken Williams, the big boss of Sierra in those days) in the first screen of the Arcada. Ken would walk into the screen and complain that the game was behind schedule. This does NOT work with version 2.2. My guess is that Ken made the Two Guys remove that gag in later releases.

Model DX Retrieval Unit- To your left is a Model DX Retrieval Unit from the data archive room, right? WRONG! In 1.0X of the Sarien Encounter this unit is described as a D12 model. The DX Model also has a longer claw.

- Then, of course, we have the famous Droids'R'Us scene, which was later changed on into Droids'B'us. Interesting detail is that also the coupon supplied with the game package was changed. Needless to say, the Droids'R'us coupon is a collectors item (read about the law suit in the VGA section of the funfacts).

- The slot machine "holy ****" gag / debug doesn't work in version 1.0X, which surprised me. Also, I found out the slot machine is a little bit harder to beat in 1.0X, but that might as well be my terrible luck.

Orat's Cave- The biggest difference is actually the Orat puzzle. Let's start with version 2.2. Orat is in his cave waiting for you to walk in. If the spider droid falls down from the sky, returning to the cave will reveal an empty one. Guess Orat decided to go hunting for Grell. If you want to make Orat collide with the spider droid, you'll have to successfully visit the holographic image. In version 1.0X the Orat puzzle is a little bit more refined. You see, Orat isn't there at all unless you've spoken with the Keronian leader. Who, of course, sends you out to capture the Orat. Now you can capture that savage beast using either your dehydrated water or with help from the spider droid. When the droid is on the scene, get your butt to Orat's cave and hide behind the rocks - as seen on the left bottom side of the screen. Orat will appear from the hollows you see in the top right position of the screen. He walks very slowly this time, way different if you were alone with the guy. The spider will enter momentarily and both guys will head straight for each other until physical contact has been established. Unless you're in the way. I found the message that comes with the explosion is pretty funny: "The cave interior now features a lovely new jagges Metal / Liberated Entrails motive. The stench? Whew! Not even an all-text adventure would attempt that description." But that certainly isn't the end of story. Do you remember that natural land bridge which cracks beneath your feet if you walk on it? With version 2.2 it's possible to cross the bridge only once: from east to west en-route to the underground. With version 1.0X you might have a serious problem. I'll explain. As I told you, Orat isn't there when you first enter the cave. You must first meet the Keronian leader in the underground. This means you'll have to cross the bridge one time. After you've spoken to the guy, he'll kick you back onto the surface. That's the second time you'll need to cross the bridge. That is, if you want to meet Orat. And of course, when you've completed your assignment you need to get back underground, thus crossing the bridge one last time. This leaves little room for error. Everybody knows the bridge will cave-in after 5 crossings. This means if you did everything according to the book there is no return. Yes, you can cross it again but walking back is not an option anymore. To me, this entire scene is much more challenging than in version 2.2. And much more fun too.

As you can see in the menu bar of Space Quest 1 EGA, you can get a maximum of 202 points. But if you know some tricks, you can actually get 205 and even 207 points! Here are some tips:
- When you've entered the Deltaur through the airlock, get inside the trunk as usual. When you've reached the laundry room, exit the trunk and close it. Climb on the trunk and use your army knife to open the vent. Climb in the vent and return to the laundry room again. This will award you with some extra points.
- You'll also get an extra point if you kiss a Sarien guard. Scott Murphy adds: "Kissing the Sarien was all Ken Williams' doing. We let him do some programming and just because he runs the company he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Go figure."
- Try talking to a Sarien guard. When he asks you if you've played King's Quest II, say "yes".
- Get the second grenade in the weapon room after you've dropped the first to kill the Star Generator guard. Simply give the droid your ID-card again and quickly take the other grenade.

This will earn you 205 points! Game version 1.0X is slightly different, though. The One point score in the vents on the Deltaur has been re-allocated in later versions. In version 1.1a and 2.2 you get one point for exiting the vent back into the laundry room. In version 1.0x that point is found by entering the vent, going left to the ladder, down one screen and right until you crush your nose on another vent. "Kick vent" for the extra point. Here is the breakdown:

Version 1.1a and 2.2:
Ride trunk to laundry room (3 points)
Enter vent (2 points)
Kick other vent, one screen down (0 points)
Exit vent back to laundry room (1 point)

Version 1.0x:
Ride trunk to laundry room (3 points)
Enter vent (2 points)
Kick other vent, one screen down (1 point)
Exit vent back to laundry room (0 points)

BUT WAIT, there's more! In version 1.0x you can get 207 of 202 points! When the escape pod crash lands on Kerona, type "get kit", then "look kit", then "get kit" again and you'll take the Xenon Survival Kit twice. There will only be one in your inventory but you'll get an extra 2 points - 207 of 202 (of course, you must do the other extra's described above)!

When you shoot a Sarien, you'll earn a couple of points. However, if you shoot another one, you'll start losing points (you're blowing your cover!). Now, the interesting part is that there's a bug in the point system. Continue shooting Sariens until you've got no points left. When you shoot another Sarien, you'll get 254 points all of the sudden! For gun food, just walk out of a room, and return over and over again. Sariens appear at random.

Included in the box of the original release of Space Quest 1 EGA are two coupons. One for the Droids-B-Us store and the other one for the Oasis Bar. The fun is you can actually use these coupons in the game. When buying your droid at Droids-B-Us, Roger will give one of the coupons automatically, but in the bar you have to type "GIVE THE COUPON". For your trouble, you'll receive 5 bucks and a Keronian Ale from the bartender. These coupons aren't included in most collections and budget releases.

As shown in the pictures above, there are actually two versions of the Droid-B-Us coupons out there. It's obvious that the lawsuit had something to do with it. It seems that Sierra was forced to change the the "R" from earlier game versions into the "B". My guess is Toys-R-Us were pleased enough with this change and left Sierra alone after this change was made. Click on the coupons for a close up.

Mirrored Two Guys photoSome of the first Space Quest 1 boxes have the picture of The Two Guys mirrored by mistake (see picture on the left). According to Scott Murphy some doofus doing the final layout for that box put the film in backwards. There are only a few thousand of these out there. The Sierra Newsletter Vol 1 #2 announces this little mistake.

Roger taking a pissYou can step around the left side of Droids-B-Us. Walk as far north from there, and then step partially behind it. Type "take leak" and you'll get one of three funny messages. Sorry, no graphics. There are also 5 buckazoids for you there. The buckazoids aren't there in version 1.0X though.

Try typing "scott" in the game. This will work in any screen. The game will output: "Hello Roger Wilco, I've been expecting you. You're obviously a person of dubious taste. Drop me a line at Sierra and let me know if you've enjoyed playing." Looks like this does not work in version 1.0X.

A meteorFrom the escape pod screen, go East, East, North, North, East, East, then stand in the middle of the screen and wait. A meteor will crash-land exactly on top of your head.

All the foreign versions of Space Quest 1 (and SQ4Disk) also have the English language files included. Just go to the control panel and click on the Sierra About Logo. The last button on the right changes it from English to whatever the foreign language you're playing. Apparently, SQ1VGA and SQ4Disk are the only Sierra games that include this option.

When you die during the skimmer sequence, the amiga version of SQ1VGA let's you choose to "try again". The original PC version only gives you the options to "Restore", "Restart" and "Quit".

Try Again death message

At the end of SQ1VGA, the scene changes from the last scene to the credits and a familiar tune is played. This little piece of music is poking fun at Star Wars. John Williams, composer of the Star Wars music, always adds the same tune to all of the Star Wars films as they change from the last scene to the credits. You can download a MP3 clip here (191 KB). It's from the Star Wars soundtrack and the Space Quest 1 VGA soundtrack. The similarities are obvious.

Use the TONGUE icon on the purple spiral above the doorway Roger walks out of after acquiring the Sarien uniform on the Deltaur. A Latex Babe runs across the screen with a messed-up color palette.

Check the Space Piston Magazine that came with the game. It contains a lot of silly secrets:
- Spock is sitting at the bar, saying "Look at the action that just walked in. Nice biped material, eh?"
- R2D2 is part of Vohaul's Asteroid.
- David Letterman appears, disguised as David Letterdroid
- Darth Vader's TIE-fighter is flying out of a Monolith Burger
- The old USS Enterprise is lurking in the background
- Mr. Potato head is disguised as an asteroid
- Vohaul's back is made up of a photo camera, a VCR and a Pampers diaper
- Fred Flintstone appears in the corner of Orat's cave, saying "Barn? Is that you?"
- When examining Orat, Roger's shoulder emblem is the Sierra logo.

The kissing alien in Vohaul's Asteroid looks like the alien in Ridley Scott's "Alien".

ED-201 from the RoboCop movies can be seen in Vohaul's asteroid. However, he has been cleverly re-labelled "Vohaul MarrowMatic".

Even before Space Quest 1 was released in 1986, The Two Guys already knew there was going to be a sequel.

The latest Space Quest Collection box contains a small typo. It sez Space Quest II: Vouhaul's Revenge. Woopsie.

On the screen with the chasm where you climb the tree that breaks, you can get lots of points by typing "climb tree" repeatedly. Each time you type it, you'll get the 3 points again. To do this more easily, just type "climb tree" and while you're climbing press F3 and ENTER all over again to get the additional points.

Try bringing up the "about" box in the menu of Space Quest 2 after you have died. It's not the same text as when you were alive. Instead of the usual: "Space Quest was designed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe", it now says: "Space Quest was designed by Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. We hope you're not looking for someone to blame just because you died."

Cave SquidThe secret tunnel system of the Pinkunz is full with deadly Cave Squid. I'm not saying this is a wise thing to do but from the start of the cave maze go: down, right, down, right, down, right, up, left, up, left, then back to the right to meet one. Click here for the map of the maze system.

Typing BACKSTAGE or DBG while playing will activate the debug-mode. Just like the codes in Space Quest 1, you can use "TP" to teleport. A wrong number will kick you out. Same goes for "GET OBJECT". "WHO" will display the name you entered at the start of the game and "PRAY" says you've got one minute left.

When aborting the salesman launch, the code TITS will also work. The original code was SHSR. If you did what Kubric and Clarke did to get the name HALL 2001, you'd get the word TITS. They simply took the name "IBM" and used the previous letter in the alphabet. So "I" becomes "H", "B" becomes "A" and "M" becomes "L". Same thing with the code used in the game.

Sierra got a letter from an angry (American) mom because of the use of a jockstrap as inventory item.

In the spring of 1989, the Space Piston Magazine comic book supplied with Space Quest 2 won the Golden Oak Award for best publication. The Golden Oak Awards honor excellence in the advertising field in the Fresno area, which was one of the largest test marketing cities in the USA at that time. Months earlier in fall 1988, Space Quest 2 was listed number four in Sierra's Top 5 Bestsellers. Therefore it can be assumed Space Quest II sold over 100.000 copies, thus earning the coveted SPA (Software Publishiers Association) Gold Medal.

Mark Crowe was not only working on ALL the graphics for Space Quest 2, but also on ALL the graphics for Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards". Guess Mark didn't either slept nor ate during the production of those two games!

There were strong indications Sierra wanted to remake Space Quest 2, just like they did with Space Quest 1. But they quickly trashed that idea after the first remake flopped. Too bad...

There are many ways to make it to the shuttle. In this puzzle you'll have to find a way to get passed the guard and enter the elevator. There are different ways to do the same thing. As you can see from the picture, I've added a few numbers. I assume you are at point 1.

The Platform Puzzle When the guard turns his back at you, you can walk safely from point 1 to 2. Be sure to make it to point 2 before he turns around again. Do the same to make it from point 2 to point 3. Now you can "call the guard". When the guard leaves the elevator, quickly walk behind his back and enter the elevator. And no keycard is needed.

The Terror Beast made an opening in a boulder. Go through that opening and be sure to take a rock on your way to the platform. Now, you can throw the rock at the guard, but this will kill you. If you throw the rock at the bushes, the guard will come down and look what happened. Again, you should have moved to point 3 or 4. He will walk away and you can go into the elevator without keycard.

Using this method will give you maximum points out of this puzzle. You can do this from point 1. You can actually sling the rock in your supporter at the guard, which will kill him. But you need the keycard. One of the crashed guards from the hovercraft will have such an item. Typing "Throw rock at guard in supporter" will work, but you can also use "throw rock guard supporter". Don't you just love parser games?

Just Say NoWhile playing, type "cheat" and press return. This will bring you to an alternative "the end" screen, with 255 points out of 250. This works with version 2.0F. A classical Two Guys Easter Egg :)

You can "take condom" in front of your locker of the XOS 4. It will say: "Sorry. The used Nancy Reagan autographed "Just Say No" condom had to be removed for the shipping version."

After you've crash-landed on Labion, type "**** dead body". The game will output: "You're one twisted mofo. The only other person I know who would try that is Mark Crowe". Obviously, Scott Murphy programmed this into the game, unknowingly to Mark.

There's a bug in Space Quest 3 that makes Roger act like Houdini. In the Garbage Freighter where the Aluminum Mallard is buried in junk, place the ladder next to the Aluminum Mallard and then walk back up the screen to the Robot's neck and type "climb ladder" instead of "climb neck". Roger will disappear from the neck and instantly reappear climbing the ladder onto the roof of the Mallard.

New since the last update! There's another interesting bug in the game. The first time to reach to Monolith Burger, and buy the Monolith Meal (Choosing choice 7 on the menu), sit down when you get your food. Type ''eat'' for Roger to eat. The message will say that you've found a Decoder Ring (Giving you 10 points). After seeing the message, quickly push the 'UP' key to stand up before the message that says that you've finished your food appears. When you do that, you'll still have that original food bag with you. Sit down again to ''EAT'' and wait for the Decoder Ring message to appear again and quickly press up again before the finished food message appears. Once again, this gives you 10 points. However, this doesn't seem to work with game version 1.018 supplied with the Space Quest Collection. If you made this work, let me know.

Roger with Astro HatAlthough there is no use for it, you can wear the Astro Chicken Flight Hat. Wear the hat before you leave Fester's World O' Wonders. Too bad this silly joke doesn't give you any points.

Barfing Roger Buy the Big Belcher Combo at Monolith Burger and return to your ship. See what happens!

Signature of Mark CroweEverybody who owns a copy of Space Quest 3 owns a signature of Mark Crowe. Mark is one of the Two Guys of Andromeda and made the graphics of the game. Have you found it already?

Space Quest 3 was one of the first games ever with soundcard support. A very popular device at that time was the Roland Multi Timbral Sound Module 32, or Roland MT 32 for short. This device was one of the best and most expensive on the market. You can say it was an external soundcard with a display. The hilarious part is, though, that it displays "INSERT BUCKAZOID" by itself on the MT-32 display after you quit the game.

You'll find some buckazoids when searching the pilot's seat of the Aluminum Mallard. This will award you with some points too.

Scott Murphy explains where the idea of Astro Chicken comes from: "Astro Chicken was inspired by a little ditty of a program [originally called Chicken Lander] by this guy named Doug something-or-the-other. What was his name? Damn! Oh yeah, now I remember. Doug Oldyard, Newfeld... ah, Oldfield. Doug Oldfield. (I'm kidding, of course.)"

An early release of Space Quest 3 is somewhat different. One obvious difference is that the Aluminum Mallard's cockpit computer had the option "Lite Speed" instead of "Light Speed" as seen in later versions.

When I was playing Space Quest 3 for the first time, the most challenging thing about it was destroying Arnoid the Annihilator droid. I found out there are a lot of ways of "how to destroy Arnoid" and "how to get his belt".

Arnoid getting smashedThe first is the most common. I guess most of you guys have killed him this way. Go into the cavernous interior of Mog's belly. Walk upstairs and walk to where you see Roger standing in the screen shot. Wait until Arnoid comes and push a pulley at him. He will fall into the engine and BONK, your special Terminator crashed sandwich a la ketchup! Now, getting his belt is the easy part. Just walk down the stair and get the belt. But there is another way to kill Arnoid and you'll get more points with it! It is more difficult though, so be sure to save your game before trying anything stupid.

Arnoid getting eatenWhen you've "talked" to Arnoid for the first time, he will give you his usual 10 seconds to get the hell off the planet. Now, walk to the large rock overhang with the pulsating pods. Wait until Arnoid approaches (notice his footsteps, remember?) and lure him under the pods without getting yourself killed in the process. You might have to practice a little bit, but it is not a tough as it looks. If you do this right, one of the pulsating pods will enjoy your special Terminator crashed sandwich a la ketchup!

Roger getting Arnoid's BeltYou can get his invisibility belt by using your Orat-on-a-stick. You did buy it at the World O' Wonders, didn't you? Getting the belt is simple if you know where to stand. Just look at the picture, if you haven't notice it by now.

Roger getting Arnoid's Belt (ALT)Now, this is the most interesting part. I don't think many of you Space Questers know this. But I found out you can also use the pole from Ortega to get the belt! As you can see from the screen shot, you'll have to stand in the same place when getting the belt with your Orat-on-a-stick. Try this method if you forgot to buy the Orat-on-a-stick.

Inside the programmer's cubicles in Scumsoft, there are two guys walking down the aisles with big whips. The one to the left is Ken Williams - founder of Sierra On-Line. The one to the right is Rick Cavin, who was Head of Production at the time. Ken Williams also appears during the end sequence.

When arriving at Monolith Burger, the old USS Enterprise warps out of there.

Roger is pursued by a bill collector from Gippazoid Novelty Company (Arnoid) demanding he pays for that Labion Terror Beast Mating Call Whistle he ordered back in Space Quest 2. However, if you examine the order form in Space Quest 2, it says the whistle is free. Scott Murphy blushes: "Mark and I both missed it. I hadn't a clue until I read it here. I don't think either of us thought that if you actually bought this game, you'd be looking that closely."

The cryo chamber at the end of Space Quest 2 seems to have a strange effect on boots. When Roger climbs into the chamber his boots are purple, but when he emerges again in Space Quest 3 they've suddenly become black. To add even more confusion, in Space Quest 3 many views show a small Roger with purple boots. The big question remains; does Roger have two pair of boots in SQ3, or did the Two Guys simply mess up (again)? It is believed the boots were originally meant to be purple, but the Two Guys had to change it later on because of Phleebhut's purple sand. The small animations of Roger were left untouched, with the original purple boots as a result. This will never do.

When fighting Elmo in the Nukem Dukem robots, you can walk around him so that you're standing right and he is standing left. You can then force him to the wall and defeat him. When you do, he'll smash a hole in the left side of the arena but when you escape with the Two Guys to your ship, the hole of the next screen is on the left side too, which doesn't make sense. Click here and here for two screen shots. Beating Elmo is much harder when he's on the left side of the screen.

New Funfact!When disguised as the Scumsoft janitor, if you walk out onto the platform and see the Aluminum Mallard, it shows Roger in his normal lavander and grey space janitor threads, even though he's in the Scumsoft janitor outfit! Unless he has the power to change his clothes in the half second it takes to switch the screen, the two Guys goofed up! Take a look at this screenshot for proof.

The name of Space Quest 3: “The Pirates of Pestulon” has a remarkable similarity to the name of a famous Gilbert and Sulivan comical musical entitled “The Pirates of Pinzance.”

Arnoid the Annihilator droid is, of course, a reference to the Terminator as seen in the Terminator movies.

Roger Wilco's case number with the Gippazoid Novelty Company is: "OU812" (as reflected in Arnoid's glasses). This is the name of a Van Halen Album that was released in 1988.

The ships in the junk freighter are spoofs on some well recognized ships from tv shows and Sci-fi movies.
- TIE-fighter from Star Wars, being described as a bow-tie fighter from the "cologne-wars" (the original movies mentions the "clone wars").
- The ship Jupiter 2 is the spaceship from the old "Lost in Space" series.
- The crumpled classic style rocket, built by the ACME company is a reference to Warner Bros' classic Road Runner cartoons.
- In the same chamber as the Aluminum Mallard is a small round spacecraft. When you look at it, the reply reads “Some writing on its exterior reads “For a good time, don’t call HAL.” The small ship is the EVA pod featured in Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Hal is the mad computer that kills the crew in the same movie.
- In the same chamber as the Aluminum Mallard, prominently displayed are Tinkertoys and Legos, both classic children’s toys. If you look at them, you get the following reply, “They look like remnants of an orbital space station or perhaps some type of toys for an over-sized child."

Enter the room with the Aluminum Mallard. You'll notice a round white pod in the left part of the screen. This is clearly the EVA pod from Stanley Kubrick's 2001. if you type "look shuttle" the game will output: "For a good time don´t call HAL." HAL is of course the name of the computer in Kubrick's 2001. Or, the game will output "Bowman was here". Mr. Bowman was part of the production team of Star Trek: TNG.

Most of the planets (with the exception of Earth) in SQ3 are spoofs of one sort or another.
- Phleebhut: if said right, it sounds like “Flea butt”
- Ortega is a popular American brand of Mexican style food products, usually featuring hot peppers. Ortega has been around a long time (100 years), and since it's a company based in the American West, specifically in California (where Sierra was based), the Two Guys would have been familiar with them, and likely even eaten their products.
- Pestulon may or may not be a play on the word "pestilence," meaning "A pernicious, evil influence or agent.”

The postcards in Fester Blatz’ World O’ Wonders have several spoofs.
- The Arrakis postcard: Arrakis is the planet from the movie "Dune" with all the valuable spice and annoying sandworms.
- The Achoron postcard: Acheron is the planet where most of the action takes place in Ridley Scott’s classic Sci-fi thrillers “Alien” and “Aliens.” In SQ3, the Two guys misspelled the name of “Acheron” as “Achoron.” The creature around the neck of the guy in the image is the infamous facehugger creature from those movies.
- The Beta Alpha Starless Region: This may or may not be an obscure astronomy joke. Under astronomy star naming rules, the brightest stars in a constellation are given Greek letter names in order of brightness. Alpha and beta stars would be the brightest. So, a starless region named Beta Alpha would be a contradiction in terms.

Monolith Burger, with it’s giant yellow "M" on a red background, and it’s “fun meals” is a spoof on the giant fast food chain McDonalds.

When you first fly in to visit Monolith Burger, a white ship streaks away from the station. It is the Starship USS Enterprise from the Sci-fi Television series “Star Trek.”

The Astro Chicken song wasn't written by anyone at Sierra. It's from a Disney cartoon from the 30's called "Birds of a feather". The cartoon features a chicken, so the song probably has some connection.

Astro Chicken might be spoofing the classic cartoon series of the 50’s and 60’s entitled “Astroboy.” Astroboy was a Japanese cartoon imported to the States in the 60's. It was wildly popular, and certainly would have been familiar to the Two Guys who would have been kids back in the 60's when it was on the air. Astro Chicken seems to be a likely goofy spoof.

When Roger goes up the shield generator to blow it up and drops the detonator, the entire scene plays similar to a scene on a volcano in Leisure Suit Larry 2. Both games had a similar sequence. In LSL2, you climb a volcano and drop a bomb made of hairspray down the crater to stop a mad scientist. In SQ3, you drop a thermal detonator down the crater of a shield generator to stop a mad software CEO. These two games were made at the exact same time and released the same year.

The Thermal Detonator that Roger uses to blow up the shield generator is a direct reference to the device a disguised Princess Leia used to threaten Jabba the Hutt in the very beginning of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.

The software company Scumsoft is a parody on Microsoft and on the game engine Lucasarts used, called SCUMM. Further more, Elmo Pug seems to bear a striking resemblance to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

Rock 'em Sock 'emThe Nukem Dukem fighting robots is a play on the old children’s toy from Mattel, “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.” The toy, which debuted in 1966, consists of two robots of differing colors that stand in a boxing ring. Two people can play against each other in attempt to knock each other’s robot heads off. The robots are NOT a play on the Duke Nukem game series, as the first game in that series debuted in 1991.

The Aluminum Mallard is a spoof on the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

When in battle, and when seen taking off from Ortega, the Skull Fighter looks remarkably like an X-wing from Star Wars. Both ships have 4 wings that spread in an X shape.

Space Quest 4 was the first Space Quest game to feature a voice talkie. Fans where introduced to Gary Owens - the popular narrator voice in Space Quest 4 (and later again in Space Quest 6). Here are some cool funfacts you might not know about Gary and a photo to match that famous voice:

Gary Owens - narrator of Space Quest 4 and 6.Gary Owens ...
... was born on May 10, 1936
... was born in Mitchell, South Dakota
... appeared in The Love Bug
... appeared in Border to Border
... appeared in Spy Hard
... appeared in Eek! the Cat
... appeared in The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show
... appeared in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
... appeared in That '70s Show
... wrote a book called How to Make a Mllion Dollars with Your Voice: (or Lose Your Voice Trying)
... wrote a book called Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco
... wrote a book called The Drowned World
... acted in the movie ''Midnight Cowboy''

The Multimedia PC CD-Rom (the one with the garbage bin and transport shuttle) features a nice typo. On the edge of the CD, it reads: "trademards" instead of "trademarks". Woopsie.

There's a bug in the CD-Rom version that sometimes forget to give you points. So it might be possible you did everything right but don't have full score at the end of the game!

A Music Note The resource.aud file that contains all the sound files of Space Quest 4 is NOT coded as is the case with other resource.aud files from Sierra games. Download this sound player for Windows, load the resource file and you can listen to it! You can find this file on your Space Quest 4 cd. Or, if you have the Space Quest Collection in the Space Quest 4 folder. Some of the sounds aren't in the actual game, like Roger reading the items in Hz So Good, instead of Barry Smith.

"Amazingly enough, no women's organization sued us. I was practically astounded and disappointed by the lack of protest. NOT that I want that. No way. I just thought someone would say something." - Scott Murphy.

All the foreign versions of Space Quest 4 (and SQ1VGA) also have the English language files included. Just go to the control panel and click on the Sierra About Logo. The last button on the right changes it from English to whatever the foreign language you're playing. Apparently, SQ4 and SQ1VGA are the only Sierra games that include this option. This concerns foreign versions of the disk release of Space Quest 4.

The Super Computer's hard disk contains King's Quest XLIII and Leisure Suit Larry IV. The hologram of the scientist talks about a virus actually emerging from an LSL game, and Roger Jr. refers to it as the "Vohaul Virus". In this case, Al Lowe really wrote LSL4.

There's a timepod code that takes you to the surface of Ortega (see easter eggs). Obviously you don't have your thermal underwear so you will die. The death message is a direct spoof from an American drug campaign. A man gets some eggs and says: "This is your brain". He then proceeds to fry them and says: "This is your brain on drugs". He then looks churlishly at the camera: "Any questions?"

If you wait long enough in the Xenon Sewers (about 2 minutes), Roger looks at the screen, shrugs, and asks you player: "So why am I standing around?" He can also scratch his ass, instead of shrugging.

You can talk to the ingredients in Monolith Burger. Also try sniffing and tasting them. This can only be done in the CD-Rom version.

Bunny RabitIn Space Quest 4, there's an appearance by an Eveready Engergizer-bunny. Sierra wrote Duracell and asked for permission, since the bunny is owned by Duracell everywhere except in the States, where they lost it to Eveready. Later, they got an angry letter about it. Scott Murphy adds to the story: "Our legal counsel at the time did contact Duracell asking permission to use a likeness of the bunny in our game. I'm sure they thought this as amusing as the rest of us did. I don't think he'll ever forget nor live it down. He eventually contacted someone by phone at Eveready and got a verbal agreement with a token fee in exchange and all looked fine. Hey, free advertising or "product placement", as they call it now. After the disk version had been out for a full year and we had been working away on the CD speech version of SQ4 we did get one of those letters from a different member of the Eveready company. Ken's thought and rationalization for continuing to use it on the CD version was that we had already sold most of the number of units we expected to sell, we had the verbal agreement, it was a legal parody blah blah blah... Anyway, the back of the rabbit has a black and copper looking battery in it, it was ignored and finally went away."

Contributed writer Josh Mandel posed as Hymie Lipschitz for the parody box cover. The glasses, hair and other accessories aren't his own, but it's him under there.

Neil Matz, one of the programmers for Space Quest 4, dropped by at the Janitorial Times and shared a nice easteregg with us: "In the room under the grate (where the jar & the holograph are), move just to the left of the table and then walk as far south as possible (you should not be able to see your feet). Then walk as far left as possible. In the inventory select the buckazoid and click it on the lower left part of the screen (you will only see a quarter of it when you click). Where you are standing and where you click the buckazoid are different locations, btw." And the egg does work! This picture shows what happens. For those of you who like to see Neil in action: the Pickle in Monolith Burger is his voice. And, can you remember the Current Inside Copy video that came with the Space Quest Collection? Neil's the SQ-Fanatic at the end of the movie.
Two Guys Comix Shortly after Space Quest 4 was released the famous Two Guys from Andromeda (aka Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe; the designers of the Space Quest series) broke up! Mark Crowe moved to Oregon, to work for Dynamix (a Sierra sister company at that time) and Scott Murphy stayed working in Oakhurst. Scott Murphy: "It wasn't so much 'running out of ideas' as it was that we needed some change." Scott and Mark would never again work together on a Space Quest game.

Most people who play Space Quest 4 today, play the cd-rom version. That's because this version is supplied with the Space Quest collections and because after the cd-rom version was released, the disk version wasn't sold anymore (or not sold in those quantities as the cd-rom version). You probably think there are tiny differences between these versions. After all, it's the same game. That's true, but there are some remarkable changes....
Speech Close Up - Speech: that's the main difference. But we all knew that.... I hope. In the cd-rom version, you can choose between speech or text, not both. Too bad the Two Guys didn't thought of this (though, that's not entirely true, read the last funfact for more info). The cd version has nicer icons, and character close ups. Just like the image to the right.
- The disk version is a DOS only game. The cd-rom version was adapted for Windows 3.11 and later for Windows 95. Windows was pretty new back then and Sierra wanted to make sure their games would run perfectly on this new operating system. Now, that's all fine with me but I think they did a half ass job! Why? Space Quest 4 is designed to run in a resolution of 640 x 480 at 256 colors. Not only does the disk version runs perfectly in Windows 95 or 98, but also if your screen is set to a color mode higher than 256 colors (16bit or 32bit), and a resolution higher than 640 x 480. The game will still run in full screen and the colors will look as they should. You won't have that luck with the cd-rom version. You'll need to turn down the settings yourself to 640 x 480 at 256 colors to fully enjoy the game. Space Quest 4 (and 6) are not the only Sierra games with these problems. They could have programmed something into the games to automatically adjust the resolution and color pallet of Windows. Only because they wanted their games to run in a stupid window, sheesh! Not to mention that the disk version has no timer problems.
Software Excess Clerk - There are also some cosmetic changes to the game. The clerk of the Software Excess store, for instance, actually waves with his hands all the time when it is talking, while the cd counter part version is a stationary lump, so to speak! The design team also changed the monochrome bikes. In the disk version, the bikes are colored. But in the cd-rom version, the bike are monochrome, just like the boys who ride them. Then there's the Super Computer structure. The disk version has a beautiful sky color which looks more "threatening" than the sky in the cd-rom version. The lightning in the back also looks better, I think.
Cd-rom version
Mono Bikes Disk version
Colour Bikes

Cd-rom version
Supercomputer Complex Disk version
Supercomputer Complex

You can actually get speech and text at the same time. Here's how it's done. You have to be in the Software Excess-store in the Galaxy Galleria. Look at a box in the bargain bin. While the narrator is talking, press space. The guy will keep talking, but a box will appear, asking you weather you want to keep the box or what. Choose exit. There! Text and speech! Now you can't get rid of it, unfortunately. The following also works. During the introduction, when Gary says "We rejoin our friend and semi-hero Roger Wilco ...", hit the space key. A window will pop up, asking whether you want to skip the introduction. Note how Gary still yabbers on, even though the game is now paused. Elect to SKIP the introduction. Okay, so you won't get to see the introduction but the rest of the game will now have text AND speech. This little bug might cause some funny things to the game - for instance, some of the speech seems to disappear in certain places.

When playing the disk version of Space Quest 4, you can avoid the guards in a different way to the standard skate-o-rama sequence. Go to the arcade and get the sequel police on your ass. Now, if you go to across the skate-o-rama arena, losing the sequel police, and go out the other side. Now, go to the entrance screen of the mall and turn around again, go past the software store and into Radio Shock. If you're quick enough this will happen.

I Love Lunacy Fetch yourself a timepod and enter the following codes: Time Code to tune into I Love Lunacy. This will briefly turn you into the electronic entrails of some long-lost civilization... "I Love Lunacy"!

Time Code Input PanelThe game also contains another secret time code, which takes you to the surface of Ortega in Space Quest 3. Ingredients: a working time pod and the secret time code. First you need to enter a timepod. Then enter this time code: press all the buttons of the first row from left to right and then the first one on the left of the second row. Press enter and see what happens! Be sure to save your game before doing anything!

On the destroyed streets of Xenon, if you click the tongue icon on the fortress in the background, the game responds with: "The only way your tongue would reach that far was if you were in a Leisure Suit Larry game!"

One of the questions in the on-game hint book reads: "I can't find the one-armed man anywhere." The answer is given as, "Ask Bob". This is reference to Twin Peaks.

On Estros, Zondra demands Roger: "Into the sub, flyboy". This is a spoof on Star Wars Episode 4. After Princess Leia shoots the vent into the garbage chute she says to Han Solo: "Into the garbage chute, flyboy".

One of the timepod codes will take you to Ortega (see the easter egg section). Obviously, you don't have your thermal underwear so you die. The death message is a direct spoof on an American drug campaign. A man gets some eggs and says: "This is your brain". He then proceeds to fry them. "This is your brain on drugs". He then looks churlishly at the camera: "Any questions?".

The name of the arcade game, "Monaco Princess Stunt Drivin'", is an interesting mixture of the titles "Super Monaco Grand Prix", "Stunt Driver" and Tengen/Domark's "Hard Drivin" series. Also it seems like a tasteless reference to Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly), who died in a car accident.

The Laptop at Hz So Good is advertised as having a "Chicklet style keyboard, and Dentyne style mouse." Chicklets and Dentyne are both types of gum. Hz So Good is a parody of the Hertz Rental Company and an old song entitled something like It Hurts So Good.

When near RadioShock, try to look at the plants. The narrator will say "This plant is provided courtesy by Shapeir flourists." Obviously, a Quest for Glory II reference.

When you're sitting inside your time pod in the Galaxy Galleria, you can see Yoda from Star Wars playing on one of the computer games. It's a bit obscure, but it's the far lard alright!

When arriving at the Galaxy Galleria, there's a huge crowd in the front of the Software Excess store. When talking to one of the people in the crowd, he'll inform you that "The Two Geeks from Andromeda are in there, signing copies of their latest release." ... Try using the talk icon some additional times for a laugh.

The whole inside artwork of the Super Computer resembles an H.R. Giger album (the art designer of Alien and Species). Remember the alien ship on LV-426 (Alien)? There's also a small reference to the "Frogger" game.

The subtitle for Ms. Astro Chicken, "Flight of the Pullet", may have been a poke at Spectrum Holobyte's "Flight of the Intruder".

The "Ms." in the title "Ms. Astro Chicken" is a spoof on the old console games Pacman and Donkey Kong. It was a trend to re-release a game with kiddie graphics and a title like "Ms. Pacman" or "Donkey Kong Jr".

The title for Space Quest X, "The Latex Babes of Estros", seems to be a poke at the old Infocom text adventure, "Leather Goddesses of Phobos".

The electronics store in the Galaxy Galleria of the disk version of SQ4 was called "Radio Shock", in reference to a large chain of Radio Shacks in the States, which is called "Radio Shack". The CD-Rom version of SQ4 changed this to "Hz So Good". The Two Guys where almost sent to court. Scott Murphy: "The way it worked from the company side is that it is easier and far economically sensible to make an art and writing change than go nearly the level of litigation. It's costly and time consuming. Oh, and did I mention costly? Mark and I hated to have to make any changes submitted from outside the team, but on occasion you could see the logic (Sometimes I really hate logic!)." Another difference is the pillars of Hz. So Good, which are animated. The pillars of Radio Shock are not.
Cd-rom version
Hz. So Good Disk version

All the games in the software box, except three, are parodies of other games. The exceptions are the SQ4 hint book, King's Quest 48 and the Checkerboard Construction Set from Scumsoft. Here's a list of the parodies:
- "Boom" is a parody on LucArts' "Loom". The author of the original game was called Brian Moriaty, but is renamed Morrie Brianarty in SQ4. The parody box describes the game as having no interface, no conflicts, no puzzles, no other characters and no chance of dying; as does "Loom". :)
- "Sim Sim" from MaxThis is a parody on the Sim-games from Maxis - obviously, Josh Mandel (who wrote the boxes) thinks, Maxis is releasing too many Sim-games.
- "Where in the World is Hymie Lipschitz (And Who Really Cares?)" from BroderBuns, is of course a parody on the Carmen Sandiago games from BroderBund.
- "It Came For Dessert" from Enemaware is a parody on an old Amiga adventure called "It Came from the Desert" from Cinemaware, featuring a horde of really big ants. Another note is that the box mentions "Defender of the Crown Rib Roast", which is a parody on an earlier strategy game by the same company, with the same title - except for the rib roast part.
- Cluck Egger lets you design a chicken and make it fly over real barnyard scenery. This is a parody on a flight simulator, called "Chuck Yeager".

The security droids in the Super Computer look exactly like the Probots (Imperial Probe Droids) in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The theme music from Quest for Glory is occasionally played in the Software Excess-store in the Galaxy Galleria, made out to sound like internal pc speaker. Also playing is the Space Quest theme, the King's Quest theme and the Leisure Suit Larry theme.

Luke Skywalker's little red speeder is disguised as the crashed skimmer on Xenon at the beginning of the game.

Leisure Suit Larry is mentioned in the holographic recording in the Xenon sewer headquarters.

King Graham playing aroundKing Graham makes a cameo appearance in the pterodactyl nest on Estros. Just wait for a few seconds in the nest and you'll see something very small streak across the sky. This is, in fact, King Graham being carried by a condor (from King's Quest 1).

Bob AndrewsIn the Big & Tall store in the Galaxy Galleria, you can sometimes find a guy near the bargain selection, rummaging around, occasionally pulling out a pair of shorts with red dots. This is former Sierra On-Line programmer, Bob Andrews. He himself explains: "Having me show up is actually pretty simple. Go to Big & Tall after clearing out the ATM and changing back to your Roger clothes, but before buying the adapter plug from Radio Sho... er, Hz So Good." On a side note, this only happens in the CD-ROM version of Space Quest 4. Bob is also responsible for the CD-Rom-only ATM machine image, and his cameo also has an appearance in Bruce Balfour's Dagger of Amon Ra.

During your visit to Ulence Flats, the Blues Brothers will appear on stage, since they also appear in Space Quest 1.

The owl from King's Quest 5, Cedric, appears in the Miss Astro Chicken game in Buckazoid Bill's Arcade & Sushi Bar.

The trash can in Buckazoid Bill's Arcade & Shushi Bar is actually one of the agents from "Get Smart". Try talking to it, you'll see what I mean. According to Scott Murphy, "This cameo was conceived by programmer Jerry Shaw. He was in his Don Adams period at that time."

Shortly after Space Quest 4 was released the famous Two Guys from Andromeda (aka Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the designers of the Space Quest series), broke up! According to Craig Alexander (general project manager of the first cancelled Space Quest 7), Sierra was swamped with projects in Oakhurst. Dynamix volunteered to do the next SQ, and Mark Crowe wanted to move to Dynamix anyway, so he grabbed the opportunity. Mark Crowe himself tells the story this way: "Let's see. It was back in '90/'91 that I was directing Police Quest 3 after Space Quest 4 was released. SQ4 had been a particularly stressful development (I still consider it to be my masterpiece product) and I was ready to move on to something different for my next project. I was impressed with the work Jeff Tunnel was doing at Dynamix, and was ready for a life change so I came on board there in Eugene, Oregon. I had a few product ideas in mind that utilized Dynamix' adventure gamer development system, but shortly after my arrival, I was asked to do SQ5 using Sierra's SCI." Scott Murphy stayed working in Oakhurst and they would never again work together on a Space Quest game. Mark Crowe continues: "I was aware that Josh Mandel (co designer of SQ6 -ed) was working on a design for SQ5 at that point of time. I don't know about all the politics surrounding that. They asked me to do SQ5, I had some ideas for a story so I said SURE!"

Have you ever wondered why Space Quest 5 doesn't have "voices"? After Space Quest 5 was released they were in fact working on it. Sierra's Official Hint Book confirms this. It says: "Finally, 14 months after the preliminary design meetings were held, SQ5 was shipped to eager Space Quest fans across the galaxy. But the story doesn't end there, The Next Mutation will be translated into five languages and converted to a full-voice CD-ROM version as well." Sean Murphy, an artist on the Space Quest 5 project adds: "I can't say for certain; I seem to recall that we had actually started work on doing just that [preparing a CD-Rom version of SQ5]. I think that politics and the fact that Dynamix was going through a very rough financial period at that time prevented us from doing any supplemental work on it... I suspect that the management was eager to move on to another "big profit" project instead of spending time and resources for a "gold" version of an already-released game."

Although Space Quest 5 was designed and created at Dynamix, the game utilizes Sierra's SCI system. This was because when Sierra CEO Ken Williams saw that Dynamix was doing adventure games, he wanted them to use Sierra's adventure development system instead.

It looks like Dynamix was working on Windows support for Space Quest 5. You see, some DLL files are included (supplied only with the beta version 0.028). Also, SCIWV.EXE is actually a ZIP file. If you rename it to SCIWV.ZIP and extract it, you have an EXE-file that will run under Windows only. Pointless, but pretty cool.

The Russian version of this game changed a lot. For instance, Flash Gordon's listing on the Grade Master in the Academy is changed to Boris Yeltsin, some music themes where replaced by those from old Soviet movies, and the word "buckazoid" is translated to "babking"; a derivative of the corresponding slang word for "money".

New Funfact!When using the transporter on the Eureka you would normally use the WALK cursor on the teleporter and then the ORDER cursor. However, in the Russian version, you need to use the WALK cursor and then the TALK version.

Somewhere, there a 32 colour version out there for the Amiga. The game lets you skip the crest scrubbing sequence because it's not possible to make any difference with using just 32 colours!

In the Space Piston magazine supplied with Space Quest 4 there's an interview with Roger Wilco about his past adventures. However, in the Galactic Inquirer (supplied with Space Quest 5), it says that nobody has seen or heard of roger ever since he began working on the Arcada!

The main rotunda of the StarCon Academy is made up of two screens that contain the StarCon Crest. If you put these screens together to make one big one, you'll notice the crest isn't triangular!

Eureka's shield usage doesn't always make sense. Having shields up or down has no effect on the attacks of WD40 and the Goliath, weapons use, the RRS or the EVA pod, or beaming down to some planets. However, if you try to enter Genetix or Molly's Chug & Glug SpaceBar or beam down to the colony on Klorox II too early, you won't be able to get through their transporter shields

New Funfact!When you first get into the Eureka (in the docking bay of the Academy), you can go down to where the pod is and click "Airlock". Although Roger is still inside the bay, the game "thinks" you're in outer space. The consequences are for Roger, needless to say.

New Funfact!When Cliffy goes out to fix the Eureka, he is wearing a spacesuit, but where did he get it? There are two in the pod bay, but the game states that one had the seat of the pants ripped out and the other is too small for Roger. If it's too small for Roger, it's definately too small for Cliffy. Looks like someone on the design forgot to tie up all the loose ends on this one!

You can't go to the SpaceBar until you have collected garbage from Gangularis, Peeyu and Kiz Urazgubi but at the latter, WD40 attacks before you have time to operate the RRS. After you defeat her, there isn't any garbage to pick up. The game assumes your mission is complete and allows you to go to the SpaceBar but you haven't picked up the last load of trash.

Here's something weird about Genetix. Fly into the lock and the Genetic Research Laboratory and check the security cams to see Cliffy and WD40 beam down. Now fly outside and talk to Cliffy. WD40 will fly off to do a perimeter check. If you fly back into the Lab, the monitors will show Cliffy and WD40 still standing at their landing site! Fly back out and go to the dumpster. Cliffy will follow you and let your "other self" out of the bin. Fly back to the Lab again and the monitors will still be showing the same thing even though neither Cliffy nor WD40 are on that screen anymore!

There is only one Schmears Brand Cutting Torch in Cliffy's toolbox all the way through the game, but when you use it and leave it in the EVA pod and then return to the Eureka you'll find it has reappeared to be taken again. But you don't get any extra points.

The bridge simulator looks a little like the Millenium Falcon, doesn't it?

When Roger is shuttled to his new command, it is mentioned that he "underwent a week of extensive Captains training on the planet of Oakhurst". Oakhurst used to be, as we all know, the seat for the Sierra On-Line HQ.

One of the ships in the Academy landing bay is for sale. It shows a telephone number and tells you to ask for Fester Blatz.

Another ship is described as "belonging to the Two Guys from Andromeda".

After having picked up trash with the Eureka, open the hatch of the garbage container. Then, use the eye icon. It'll give you the following message: "What a wonderful smell you've discovered." Han Solo says the same thing in Star Wars Episode 4 after he and his friends fall into the garbage chute.

Gir DraxonThe Galactic Inquirer Tabloit box insert contains an article called "Gir Draxon's Predictions for 3010 (which contains the navigational codes for the Eureka). Gir Draxon is of course the bad guy from Sierra's Nova 9.

On page 20 of the Galactic Inquirer there's an ad for a device called "the Teacher", created by "KARA, Inc." on "Sigma Draconis." The line at the top says "Perform Brain Surgery at Home." This is a reference to the original Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain" where the women of Sigma Draconis VI, led by a queen named Kara, steal Spock's brain to use in their main computer. They have this device called the Teacher which temporarily gives advanced knowledge to whoever wears it on the head. Eventually the crew recovers Spock's brain and Dr. McCoy uses the Teacher to get the knowledge needed to re-install the brain (hence the "reconnect cerebral cortexes in minutes" bit).

When entering the Rotunda area aboard the Academy, the moon outside is described as "one of the nine moons of Nova", in reference to a Dynamix game called "Nova 9". Also, exit the screen to the right. The planet in the background here is called "Vulcan", in reference to Star Trek. The planet Vulcan is Spock's home planet.

In one of the sequences in Space Quest 5, Roger remembers who Beatrice Wankmeister is. Bea's face is on a cutaway screen with music playing and stars shimmering in the background. That was in fact not unlike a scene in Wayne's World 1, where Wayne sees Cassandra singing. In the Wayne's World scene, the music fades to a slower pace (like the song in SQ5) and the background appears as shimmering stars. The name of the song is "Dream Weaver" as written and performed by Gary Wright.

The main theme song, played during the introduction sequence, was made out to be a spoof on the title song from Star Trek - The Old Series.

All the planets in Space Quest 5 are either parodies of something, or just names that have been horribly misspelled. Here's the most obvious:
- Thrakus: Mark Crowe explained once that Thrakus is not a spoof on anything. He just liked the sound of it.
- Kiz Urasgubi: Try "mispronouncing" it, and you'll come up with the colourful phrase "Kiss your ass goodbye".
- Lukaszuk II: Mispronounce this and it'll become a very unsubtle greeting to the competitor, LucasArts. It might also be a reference to two employees at Dynamix, named Piotr and Derek Lukaszuk.
- Gingivitis: A disease.
- Monostadt VII: This is a treatment for woman's vaginal yeast infections.
- Klorox II: A cleaning fluid.
- Gangularis: Also a disease.
- Commodore LXIV: an ancient home computer.
- Peeyu: An utterance of disgust, often used in combination with horrible smells.
- Spittoonie: In the Old West, a "spitoon" was the little bucket in which guys would spot their tobacco. Hell of a job to clean, I'll bet. It might also be a spoof on Luke Skywalker's home planet, which was called Tattoine.

The coordinates to Klorox II are 90210 - same as in that totally ridiculous television series.

The moons of Klorox II are called Larry, Moe and Curly.

The Genetix logo, shown in the hidden laboratory, only slightly resembles the Dynamix logo (as does the name itself). The slogan is a steal from Dow, having been re-written "We play God, so you don't have to". The original slogan read: "We work hard, so you don't have to".

The sequence where the Eureka picks up the trash bag is accompanied by the theme song from Stanley Kubric's "2001: A Space Odyssey."

In the transporter room of the Eureka, you can see a computer screen with pong on it.

New Space Quest item!When you beam over to Genetix there is a transporter accident causing your head to be transplanted with that of a fly. This is taken directly from the 1950's Vincent Price sci-fi classic called "The Fly".

The sequence where Roger must rescue Cliffy in the asteroid field is also a direct steal from that very same movie - even down to the rescue method (with the claws and everything).

A Dynamic Coffee MugCaptain Quirk has a Dynamix-coffee cup. It's visible during the sequence, where the Eureka picks up the secret signal from the Genetix corporation.

Nelo Jones, the guy who sells you the Space Monkeys in the spacebar, is a spoof on the original Star Trek-episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles". Tribbles are, as you may or may not recall, small furry creatures, that breed a lot. So are Space Monkeys, as you can see.

The entire Spacebar sequence is a steal from the Star Trek TOS episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles". Not only does Nelo Jones show up, as mentioned in the above contribution from Tovi, and sells you rapidly-growing space monkeys (the original had a salesman called Cyrano Jones who sold Kirk tribbles). Also, Scotty (from the Enterprise) gets in a fight with a guy who calls the Enterprise a garbage scow. The exact same thing happens when Quirk and Roger come down from their game of Battle Cruiser, where Cliffy is fighting with a member of the Goliath, because he called the Eureka a garbage scow (although in this case, it actually IS a garbage scow).

WD40 is a parody on a lubricant.

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