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lost mind of dr brain

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lost mind of dr brain

Postby madamehussein » Sat Jun 04, 2005 6:02 am

whenever i try to run the game I get the message that one of the "library files" needed to run brain.EXE. has been damaged. Also one of my DLL-files (shell.dll) seems to keep disappearing.

I dont think there`s any problem with the game. I`ve got a hold on two different versions, but none of them seem to work, and i get the same message from both of them.

I´ve tried all the standard things like running the game in compability mode. Also, I read about one guy having the same problem as me, only with a photoshop program. Appearently, his ICQ had "stolen" the DLL-file he needed to run the game.

Can someone please help me on this one?

lost mind of dr brain



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